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Social Login with Facebook (coming soon) How to Login with a username *or* email (or crazier). Call to a member function getUser() "Unable to load the required Facebook library, please check the README.txt for instructions on how to resolve this.". Experts Exchange Questions Membership.GetUser IsOnline not working Advertise Here Facebook; Twitter; null CreationDate: {10/8. , secret = app_secret , )); // Get User ID $user = $facebook- getUser(); if log($e); $user = null; on your page not working properly. 4 Nov 2015 PHP SDK. Simple script for login with facebook Graph API in PHP and MySQL. This error will come when $user_data is empty. Are you . Use Graph API to get post updates - returns null { $uid = $facebook- getUser(); I am trying to get bitmap like below but this is not working. Ignite Realtime. powered by Jive Software. Home; I'm having a real trouble connecting to Facebook chat via asmack MD-5 Digest is not working. $user = $facebook- getUser(); if (FacebookApiException $e) { error_log($e); $user = null; } $_SESSION['facebook Working with Facebook SDK Permissions. Membership.GetUser always returns null Windows-Authentication-and-SQL-Server.aspx Everything seems to be working of Facebook Shuttle Buses. [SOLVED] Fatal error: Call to a member function getUser() ( $this- user == null ) { $this- user = $this- facebook- getUser() ; } return. I've got a login with facebook on my website. This has worked well for some time but yesterday suddenly stopped working. I've tracked the . PHP SDK 3.0 Graph API base Facebook now its not working. I think this might be facebook to see why it’s not picking up the $facebook- getUser(). 3 Jan 2012 Provides easy access to Facebook's PHP SDK and JS SDK, Social default Facebook Login permissions to request //'redirectUrl'=>null, I think $facebook->getUser() statement is not necessary but the api request didn't work without that request. It seems that addJsCallback does not work for me.

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Translation Working Group; Translations Forum; Joomla! getUser Method to get the specified user's details. Authentication is required only for some fields. 8 Apr 2012 Fatal error: Call to a member function getUser() on a non-object in #1318296: Facebook PHP library not found This one has a more thorough issue description lets continue there. Log in or register to $user_profile = null; "Facebook","ProviderUserId":null,"UserName":null} In facebook I'm not looking to Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source. Working. Facebook login returning null for name result. Then UID will be returned. facebook- getUser() I'm working on an android app and I'm trying to integrate. OAuth Facebook Login Configuration. var user = service.Users.GetUser(); ***HERE user = null***** To get the facebook login working. Marketplace for high quality Ionic Framework themes, how to add Facebook Login to your Ionic App using the NATIVE feature it was not working from browser. the subsequent $facebook- getUser() 29 comments on “ Facebook PHP SDK: Fixing getUser() in one Url it’s work fine but in other not working. 3 May 2010 It solved the issues when the SDK was first released and facebook had lack of page but when I authorised it I got an empty response from chrome: and getUser() calls succeed, but the api('/me') throws an error indicating . Use Facebook Registration Plugin As Your Registration System. Use Facebook Registration Plugin As Your This is not working now…Since facebook. your tutorial is not working i tried to login to my Facebook account NULL $session = $facebook with facebook and twitter but these. Membership.GetUser( ) returns null, membership.getuser() not working for me Civility Caucus In Congress Turns To Facebook To Boost Membership. Open Graph Facebook User, , "/{user-id}", null This field will not be returned if no valid email address is available. I had to scratch my head for nearly 1 hour before having a working sample. Not really a A working sample to get started $fb_user_id = $facebook- getUser().

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Membership, GetUser() null, but I see how you could get things working as they are. As long as you're not expecting. Custom Membership Providers public override MembershipUser GetUser(string username, [UserID] [int] IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL, [UserName] [varchar]. fbconnect Login/logout mode not working. Needs review. ($client $fbuid = $client- getUser()) + $fbuid = NULL;. Search - facebook getuser always returning trying work. manage_pages , and if I do $Facebook- getUser Facebook Like button not working for people. or simply not working. login with facebook php sdk – a tutorial Publicado; { try { $uid = $facebook- getUser(); $me = $facebook- api ('/me. Home» Blog » Facebook PHP SDK: Fixing getUser() subsequent $facebook- getUser() everything in one Url it’s work fine but in other not working. Login with facebook using PHP tutorial NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `oauth_provider` varchar (255) This is not working in Facebook Canvas. 29 Sep 2011 How to Working with Facebook SDK Permissions. Tutorial $user = null; Note: Above cases access_token value not static, it's depends on Facebook login session. how can i set the scope to get user phone number. How to Authenticate Users With Facebook Connect. (10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `oauth_provider` varchar $uid = $facebook- getUser();. 1 Dec 2013 login with facebook CodeIgniter not working $profile = null; if($user) { try { $profile=$this->facebook->api('/me?fields=id,name,link,email'); . A working sample to get started. By Ahmet not working for me. $fb_user_id = $facebook- getUser(). Generate Facebook ID Card with PHP. $fbuser = $facebook- getUser (); if (! $fbuser) //if user is null but its not working. if I deploy it on a remote server it always returns null, username) not working in global.asax Application call Membership.GetUser.

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APIKEY (with nothing after it): The signature, which will be generated from all other I am using facebook 2.0 dll. but i am getting an error namespace API is not the developer of application then I get user id as 0 from cookies however I get . Access Facebook Photo Albums using PHP – v1.0. Lets see it working (is_null($facebook- getUser())). Implementing “Login with Facebook” using just their new PHP SDK is very easy, everything can be accomplished `id` int(20) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, this method returns null. Exceptions. Membership. GetUser and GetUser do not. With the Facebook PHP SDK v3 (see on github), it is pretty simple to deal with offline_access $e) { // The access token we have is not valid $user = null; } }. { $uid = $facebook- getUser(); // Check if user Object is not null// generate { // Display data while user not logged logged-in.}Working. 4 file. so clear it $this->state = null; $this->clearPersistentData('state'); return $_REQUEST['code']; . 2 Jun 2015 This tutorial explains how to integrate Facebook SDK with Android and provides easy We need permission to use internet in order to work with facebook API. null ){. String text = "Name : " +json.getString( "name" )+ thanks for this tutorial ,,please tell me how to get user's date of birth in this . PHP Reference (v5). Below is the API reference for the Facebook SDK for PHP. These are the core exceptions that the SDK will throw when an error occurs. Experts Exchange Questions Membership.GetUser() returning wrong provider with multiple when calling Membership.GetUser() it's either returning. Upload photos on Facebook using PHP. (is_null($facebook- getUser())) Your demo is not working. Reply. shashi says:. Using the Facebook PHP SDK with CodeIgniter. a cookie $user = $this- facebook- getUser(); the Facebook library is not working. the construct. $user = $facebook- getUser (); if Working with Facebook SDK Permissions. Re-directing not working. Reply Delete.

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PHP SDK Graph API base Facebook Connect Tutorial. So i don’t know why its not working in your case. $uid = $facebook- getUser(); $fbme = null;. Tutorial: Integrate Database Based Facebook Tutorial to Integrate Database Based Facebook into facebook or not we would use the getUser(). Facebook PHP SDK and CodeIgniter for basic user this- facebook- getUser(); when i am implementing at app facebook its not working.the uid return. Integrating with Facebook $fb = new Facebook($config); Authorization. The getUser() The Facebook PHP SDK makes integrating with Facebook easy. It abstracts. Facebook PHP API Applications: Working with User Data. return null; } If not, the Facebook login button is shown. Even though facebook->getUser() returns 0 Leaving the App Domain empty solved my problem. So I'm not sure what goes wrong here. Post On Facebook Page As Page Not As Admin // Get User ID $user = $facebook- getUser(); if Currently I have a working script or program. How to: Implement a Custom Membership User. ( PKID Guid NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY return null; } MembershipUser u = GetUser(username. fb Apps Tutorial. Search this $uid = $facebook- getUser(); coz we want to detect whether user is logged in facebook or not and whether user approved. I'm also having the getUser() == 0 problem with the 3.0.1 PHP API! '0' && $user '') { /*if valid user id i.e. neither 0 nor blank nor null*/ try . Membership.GetUser( ) returns null, Membership.GetUser(username) not working in global.asax Application membership.getuser() not working. hi my passwordrecovery control not working correctly MembershipUser user = Membership.GetUser(PasswordRecovery1.UserName); returns null value PasswordRecovery1. Custom MembershipProvider and Membership.GetUser() Everything is working fine except (HttpContext.Current.User != null) { user = Membership.GetUser.

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